Polity: the living encyclopedia of government

About Polity

Polity is a lot of things. In a world that no longer agrees on the basic facts of our country's leaders and policies, we're a sanity check. For those who think technology should do and be more than just a novelty, we're a call to action.

Polity isn't about politics though. It's about information. Our information. The goal is to provide simple access to the information that best reflects what's really going on in our government. Questions like "Who's sponsoring the latest Congressional bills?" and "What lobby groups are funding them?" are critical to achieving this.

We believe in respecting each others' time, technology encouraging active engagement in the world, and a design ethos that attempts to respect cultural and social differences. The journey is just beginning at Polity, and we'd love to have you along for the ride.

Benjamin & Ty